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History of the MGH BTC

The MGH BTC is a joint venture of the Dana Farber/Partners Cancer Care Program. The Brain Tumor Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is located on the third floor of the Cox Building, 100 Blossom Street at MGH in Boston.

MGH  Brain Tumor Center As you have seen, we use the logo of a brain tumor as a guide for the pages from the MGH BTC. The logo was derived from a MGH HOTLIINE article dated May 31, 1996. (A Publication for Employees and Staff of the Massachusetts General Hospital).
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Robert Ojemann, MD, right is one of the world's most renowned brain surgeons.

The Brain Tumor Center works in partnership with the Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratories to create a remarkably strong resource for advances in the treatment of brain tumors. Scientists at the center seek to understand the molecular and genetic mechanisms that cause tumors to form and grow within the brain. Physicians then use this information to develop, assess and exploit new therapies for the treatment of tumors. In a major project, clinicians and scientists in the laboratories have focused their energies on understanding the gene mutations involved in the formation and progression of brain tumors. Mapping the pathways of tumor formation is critically important because it gives researchers an improved ability to detect changes in genes or chromosomes and predict whether a patient is likely to respond to treatment. The distinctive nature of the Brain Tumor Center allows for the quickest possible transfer of discoveries made in the laboratory to treatments for patients.
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