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"The study of complex biosystems has become a grand-challenge in basic and applied sciences. TCMP has been established as an interdisciplinary multi-institutional joint-effort in order to study highly malignant brain tumors as complex dynamic self-organizing and adaptive biosystems. TCMP uses methods from various disciplines such as tumor biology, bioengineering, materials science, mathematical biology, nonlinear physics as well as computational and complex systems science. The goal of this innovative research project is to improve the understanding of tumorigenesis and to develop novel treatment strategies against this yet devastating disease."

Thomas S. Deisboeck, M.D
Principal Investigator TCMP



This site is intended for research purposes only and as such updated on a regular basis. However, biomedical sciences are rapidly evolving. The authors therefore cannot be held responsible for potentially incorrect information on this site or linked web-sites with regards to treatment options and other presented biomedical data. Nonetheless, we appreciate any suggestions to improve this site continually.

Disclaimer: The information and reference materials contained herein is intended solely for  the information of the reader. It should not be used for treatment purposes, but rather for  discussion  with the patient's own physician. Information on this site. Copyright99.
CONTACT INFORMATION: All general inquiries about the project as well as all questions regarding assay engineering, underlying tumor modeling concepts and complex biosystems modeling should be sent to Thomas S. Deisboeck, M.D  
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