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The incidence of primary malignant brain tumors such as Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM, WHO grade IV (Figure 3)) is currently 8/100.000 persons per year and is still increasing. In spite of immense efforts to improve the treatment modalities, the prognosis of patients suffering from this disease remains extremely poor. The main reasons for this grim outcome are rapid volumetric growth, extensive tumor cell heterogeneity, which accelerates treatment resistance and especially the fact that long before the tumor is diagnosed, it has already grossly invaded the surrounding brain parenchyma (Figure 4). Therefore, novel strategies for GBM treatment are needed and completely different new and unconventional research approaches have to be encouraged.

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Figure 3:   Shown is a NMR-scan (T1+) of a right frontal GBM tumor (1011 cells). The hyperintense rim marks an area of hypermetabolism, which corresponds to the "red" highly proliferative cell fraction in Figure 5. Figure 4:   Depicted is a multicellular tumor spheroid of an established human high grade glioma cell line (104 cells) placed inside a specific extracellular matrix gel. This novel 3D-Assay allows us to study key-features such as proliferation and invasion of the tumor system in parallel. Note extensive invasive branching starting from the proliferative focus (darkened central area).

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CONTACT INFORMATION: All general inquiries about the project as well as all questions regarding assay engineering, underlying tumor modeling concepts and complex biosystems modeling should be sent to Thomas S. Deisboeck, M.D  
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