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The aim of this paradigm-shifting project is to study malignant brain tumors as complex dynamic self-organizing and adaptive biosystems. We use methods from various disciplines such as tumor biology, bioengineering, materials science, mathematical biology, nonlinear physics as well as computational and complex systems science. For this interdisciplinary project, the MGH-Brain Tumor Center established collaborations with several scientists at renowned national and international academic and non-academic institutions. The aim of TCMP is to develop a variety of novel interactive experimental, computational, mathematical and theoretical tumor models. One major focus of this project is on tumor cell invasion, the main obstacle for all current treatment efforts. Through these research we hope to improve both, our understanding of tumorigenesis in particular and complex biosystems modeling in general. The ultimate goal is to develop novel virtual treatment planning devices, operative navigation tools and innovative treatment strategies for malignant brain tumors.

Disclaimer: The information and reference materials contained herein is intended solely for  the information of the reader. It should not be used for treatment purposes, but rather for  discussion  with the patient's own physician. Information on this site. Copyright99.
CONTACT INFORMATION: All general inquiries about the project as well as all questions regarding assay engineering, underlying tumor modeling concepts and complex biosystems modeling should be sent to Thomas S. Deisboeck, M.D  
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