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For Scheduled Appointments - Call 617.724.8770

Identify a Specialist | Checklist | Partners Online
See also Consultations & Referrals

Appointments can be made by referring physicians or by patients and families. New patients can be seen within several days. 

For patients who already know which of the Center's specialists they wish to see (BTC Staff), call 617.724.8770 and ask to speak with that doctor's secretary.

Obtain an appointment with one the Center's neuro-oncologists. This doctor will be able to provide recommendations that are tailored to the individual's diagnosis and circumstances will be able to identify which other specialists might be needed. Patients are given the first available appointment with one of the Center's neuro-oncologists (BTC Staff).

Make An Appointment

Tracy T. Batchelor, M.D.,
Executive Director, MGH Brain Tumor Center
Director of Neuro-medical oncology

Call 617.724.8770

Checklist of Items Needed for Consultation:

Clinical summary, including all previous surgeries and treatments, as well as current clinical condition of the patient.


Copies of the most recent MRI or CT scans. It is difficult for us to return scans.


Operative reports.


Pathology reports.


Pathology slides, if possible. (Pathology slides will be returned to the hospital of their origin.)

Partners Online Specialty Consultations

The Brain Tumor Center provides online consultation services and there is a charge for consultations. Please complete registration and submission of clinical materials through Partners Online Specialty Consultations.

Call 617-724-9295 or 888-456-5003 for further information.

Advancing the Specialized Care of Individuals with Brain Tumors
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MGH Brain Tumor Center
Yawkey Building 9th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts,  02114
Patients & Families with questions about referrals, consultations or appointments may contact:
Telephone: 617.724.8770
Fax: 617.724.8769


Physicians with
questions may contact:
Tracy Batchelor, M.D.
Executive Director,
MGH Brain Tumor Center
Harvard Medical School
Mass General Hospital
MGH Cancer Center
NS @ MGHNS Diagnosis @ MGH
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