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International Referrals

The BTC and the Neurosurgical Service both see many international patients with unusual and complicated neurosurgical problems. A one page summary of the history in English allows us to form an opinion on the advisability of travel to the U.S. As with any patient, the MRI and CT scans are needed for evaluation. These can be reviewed before the patient comes to the United States. An in-person evaluation and any surgical procedures are done at the patient's convenience.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Admitting Department has established a outstanding International Program. Representatives from the International Patient and Family Center are available to assist international patients and their families with transportation, lodging, interpretation, and other needs.

For information contact the International Program Office at:
Telephone Number: (617) 726-2787
Fax Number: (617) 726-2543

E-mail: We welcome the opportunity to continue serving the international community:

We welcome the opportunity to continue serving the international community.

Please, remember to contact the appropriate physician's office before sending films or pathology slides.

See also Appointments & 2nd Opinions
See also Consultations & Referrals

Patients can be referred for the development of a treatment plan in conjunction with their primary physician, for a second opinion, or for ongoing management by the Brain Tumor Center physicians. Treatment planning provide expedited review of neurologic history, radiographs and pathologic materials. Results of the clinical discussions and treatment plans are provided to referring physicians or to patients and their families.

NOTE: Please call (617) 724-8770 first, as there are charges for consultation and second opinion services and there may be additional charges for a neuropathologic reviews.

Referral Checklist (Items should include):
  1. A one page synopsis of clinical history, operations, radiation and chemotherapy, current state of patient and proposed studies or therapy.
  2. Copies of the actual head or spine MRI or CT scans (not reports) performed at the time of diagnosis to include the most recent studies.
  3. The original glass pathologic slides, and 5 unstained section along with a copy of the previous pathologic report.
  4. Details of previous: Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.
  5. A list of specific questions being posed and the therapies being considered.
  6. The name, telephone and fax numbers of either the referring family member or physician.

For consultations, we will reevaluate the above information and aid by offering recommendations as to therapeutic options including surgery, radiation, proton beam, radiosurgery, gene therapy, experimental and investigative chemotherapy.

Partners Online Specialty Consultations

There is a charge for this consultation for patients who are unable to travel to the MGH in person. Please complete registration and submission of clinical materials through Partners Online Specialty Consultations.

Call 617-724-9295 or 888-456-5003 for further information.

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